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Veterans Education

May 29, 2008

The Board of the University of Massachusetts will be voting on June 12 to enact a plan that would cut nearly 8,000 dollars from university fees for any veteran attending any of the university’s four campuses.  This would further reduce the cost for veterans.


“This is a great way to honor the commitment and sacrifice made by our servicemen and women. I truly hope the members of the UMass board pass this proposal. – Rep Garballey”


Education Bill Passes

May 29, 2008









Almost two years after then Governor Romney vetoed the early education act, the House passed H.4706 (an Early Childhood Act for 2008). This act helps to create a universal pre-kindergarten program to ensure the even the youngest members of the Commonwealth are receiving the highest quality of education possible.

“Ensuring that ALL children of the Commonwealth are given ever possible tool to succeed is the responsibility of all of our leaders. This bill helps to guarantee that even our youngest students are provided with what they need to begin their educational journey” – Rep Garballey

Arlington Water Bodies

May 29, 2008

During last Thursday’s formal session Representative Garballey and the Arlington delegation (Representatives Jay Kaufman and Will Brownsberger) helped bring to the House floor H.4471 An Act Authorizing Arlington to Establish a Special Account for Maintenance of Its Town Water Bodies. This bill will help the town of Arlington protect and maintain our precious waterways for generations to come. The bill was passed by the House and is pending in the Senate.