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Arlington Water Bodies – Update 6.30.08

June 30, 2008

Governor Patrick’s office called this afternoon to let us know that he signed the Arlington Water Bodies Bill today.

“I want to thank the Governor and all of my colleagues in the House and Senate for their help and support and a very special thanks to everyone in Arlington who worked long and hard on this issue.” Rep Garballey


“Why not Arlington?”

June 29, 2008

Don Marquis (Arlington’s former town manager) met with Sean and Mike to discuss a unique, timely idea… what if we invited both presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain to Arlington for a Town Meeting? “If they only have one (town meeting)… Why not Arlington?” said Marquis. It seems like a long shot until you listen to Mr. Marquis’ history lesson on the importance of Arlington from the Revolutionary War through its long tradition of debate and discussion at town meetings. Mr. Marquis contacted the Selectman and presented the idea at a public meeting last Thursday. He expects unanimous support from the Board of Selectman and already has the full support of our office.
We’re happy to help.

“Don Marquis’ enthusiasm is contagious. I’d love to see it happen,” Rep Garballey

Autism – A Bridge from Massachusetts to China

June 27, 2008

Two of my cousins (Helen and Karen McCabe) first visited China in 1992 where they met a little girl with autism. Zhang Ge who was eight at the time changed their lives forever. Helen and Karen continued to visit China and continued to meet more and more children who didn’t have the kind of support services that they really needed. They talked and planned for many years and about two years ago, Karen and Helen created “The Five Project” to help provide services to children with autism in China.

We’re all proud of the work Helen and Karen are doing. You can visit their website ( for more information or listen to Helen’s interview on NPR at


You can also read more about Helen and Karen at;

Mike McCabe, Legislative Aide

Representative Sean Garballey’s Office

Public Hearing Announcement

June 19, 2008

Representative Garballey would like to invite the citizens of West Medford and Arlington to a Public Hearing with the Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government. It will be held on Tuesday, June 24th from 10am to 1 pm at the Lexington Depot building, 13 Depot Square, Lexington.  The focus of this hearing will be to gather testimony on regionalizing town and municipal services.  Many experts in the field are expected to speak as well as local municipal leaders.

Local Aid Estimates for Medford and Arlington FY 2009

June 18, 2008

Local Aid Estimates for Medford and Arlington can be viewed at :

See story at: Medford FY 2009 Arlington FY 2009