Public Health Advisory: Domestic Violence

Representative Garballey pledges his passionate support for Governor Deval Patrick’s stance on domestic violence. As the Governor mentioned, the number of domestic violence cases in the Commonwealth have nearly tripled since 2005. According to Jane Doe, Inc., 31 children were directly impacted by domestic violence in 2007 alone. Consequently 5 children were killed, 13 orphaned, 11 lost their mother, and 2 lost their father. There is no way measure the lasting effect these cases have on the children and families of the victims. Children are often orphaned, or tragically—killed.

There are many positive outreach programs for victims, so that victims understand that it’s not their fault. Domestic violence as the Governor has said is a “silent crime”, because it often goes unreported. Domestic violence can take many forms from emotional, economic, and physical, to sexual and psychological. As the governor Deval Patrick has said “Domestic violence is a crime and stopping it requires help from family, friends and neighbors.”


If you or someone you love is or has been in danger of domestic violence please call:


·        Police Emergency: (911)

·        SafeLink : (1-877-785-2020)

·        National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)


Remember that only you have the power to come forward, but you never have to face these problems alone. Educational resources are also available:



Ultimately, it takes the family, friends and community to end domestic violence.


Representative Garballey remains supportive of Governor Deval Patrick’s firm position against domestic violence, and encourages all of us to work together to make a better community today!


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