“Why not Arlington?”

Don Marquis (Arlington’s former town manager) met with Sean and Mike to discuss a unique, timely idea… what if we invited both presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain to Arlington for a Town Meeting? “If they only have one (town meeting)… Why not Arlington?” said Marquis. It seems like a long shot until you listen to Mr. Marquis’ history lesson on the importance of Arlington from the Revolutionary War through its long tradition of debate and discussion at town meetings. Mr. Marquis contacted the Selectman and presented the idea at a public meeting last Thursday. He expects unanimous support from the Board of Selectman and already has the full support of our office.
We’re happy to help.

“Don Marquis’ enthusiasm is contagious. I’d love to see it happen,” Rep Garballey


2 Responses to ““Why not Arlington?””

  1. pete Says:

    why not invite all the candidates to participate instead of limiting the town meeting to just two?

  2. Steve C Says:

    Sounds interesting. My only concern is if this will be an actual town meeting type of forum or will it be a media circus for the politically connected. If Arlington citizens and town meeting members are invited then this is a great idea. If they are not and only the “politicians” and politically connected are invited then I say we should forget it. Also I would like to see C-SPAN, along with Arlington community TV, cover it and have no other sponsers or media coverage otherwise it will become a circus!!

    I also agree that it should be open to the other candidates.

    One other thing. I like the idea of this blog and being able to keep up to date with everything Rep. Garballey is up to but is it really necessary to have a quote from Rep. Garballey after every entry. It adds nothing and is annoying!!

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