Representatives Continue to Work on Green Line Extension

Representatives Sean Garballey, Paul Donato, Carl Sciortino and Senator Patricia Jehlen sent a letter to Secretary Cohen at the Executive Office of Transportation thanking the EOT for including community input in their plans, requesting information and sharing their concerns.

They requested… a comparative evaluation of:

1.      A single track alternative for the stretch leading up to Route 16

2.      The two track version that was included at prior meetings

3.      The three track version as recently presented

4.      Tunneling in the final stretch of the extension, an option that has often be asked about


Specifically, we would like to see a comparison of the four variations in the following areas:

·        Impact on the North Street and Winthrop Street bridges

·        Specifics of any possible taking or impacts on both residential and commercial properties, including information about where such impacts are the results of encroachment onto the MBTA’s right of way versus the extensions encroaching on private property

·        The estimated cost differences

·        The operations benefits or drawbacks


This information may provide insight as to whether Winthrop Street or College Avenue would be the next stop. As such, we would also like an update on ridership estimates, including a comparison of what the ridership would be at all three locations, and how that changes if any of these stops were not to be included in the final recommendation.


As we have made clear from the beginning we are looking to see this project bring the most benefit to our community, and have the fewest negative impacts.  We believe a thorough explanation of the above matter will be helpful in our being able to support any final plans drawn up by your office. 

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