Elder Affairs Highlights FY 09 Conference Committee

Elder Affairs highlights from the FY 09 Conference Committee budget:


9110-1455 Prescription Advantage

Continuous open enrollment:  Prescription Advantage is a program that provides eligible Massachusetts residents an option for affordable insurance to help pay for prescription medications.  The plan provides coverage, on a sliding scale payment basis, to Massachusetts elders aged 65 or older and to younger people with qualified disabilities. 


4000-0600 Personal Needs Allowance

$5M-  This funding provides residents of nursing homes and rest homes who are on MassHealth with a personal needs allowance of approximately $72.80 per month for their personal use for clothing and other basic necessities.


4000-0650 Community First

$20M- This funding will help to implement the Equal Choice Law which was passed by the legislature last session. 


9110-1636 Protective Services      

$16.24M- This line item pays for the investigation of elder abuse and self-neglect, casework and crisis intervention. The goal of protective services is to remedy or alleviate the abusive situation and to prevent the reoccurrence of abuse.


9110-9002 Council’s on Aging

$8.61M- This raises the formula grant from $6.50 per elder per year to $7 per elder per year.  There are 348 Councils on Aging (COAs) in Massachusetts that provide more than 440,000 elders and their families and caregivers with direct services annually. Councils offer information and referral, transportation, outreach, health screening, and fitness recreation programs. 


Provided by the office of Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein, Chair Joint Committee on Elder Affairs

July 10 2008          






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