Sean Fighting MBTA Cuts

The MBTA has proposed three different options to solve their debt problems. One of their proposals involves a rate hike for fares, another involves cutting routes, and the final option involves a mixture of the two. Representative Garballey strongly opposes cutting routes because of how it would affect everyday travel for so many of people across the commonwealth. Bus Routes 350, 62/76, 78, 79, 326 and 95 from his district would be directly cut, posing a great strain on many. As always Sean would like to hear your opinion on the topic, so feel free to post, email, or call.

There will be public workshops throughout August, including one in the State House on Monday, August 10th in the Gardner Auditorium from 4-7 P.M. Also, there will be one public hearing on August 27th at the State Transportation Building from 5:30-7:30 P.M. For a full listing of the public workshops please contact the MBTA at 617-222-3200 or


4 Responses to “Sean Fighting MBTA Cuts”

  1. Rick Sanders Says:

    My wife and I take public transportation to work, using the 79, 350, and 67 buses to get to and from subway connections at Alewife, depending on time of day. These options allow us to reduce our dependence on gasolene and automobiles. Without the buses and without adequate T service at a reasonable price, we will necessarily add two more cars to the daily commute, adding to traffic congestion, pollution and related problems.
    Why not cut the 77 trolley bus that ends in North Cambridge. From my many years of observation at the Porter Square bus stop on Mass Ave, the 77 trolley rarely has passengers, while the regular 77 to Arlington is packed. The 77 trolley is a waste of resources. Rick Sanders

  2. Chris Weed Says:

    The 67/76 is critical for me to get to and from work when it snows. I hope the MBTA will at least continue to run these routes during pre/post-work times.

  3. Jackie Fung Says:

    The 78 bus which runs through Arlington Heights was also on the cut list.

    The 84 bus runs the 78 route during rush hours, so it is not unreasonable to just have one of those lines run during rush hours, but the 84 does not run on weekends or non-rush hours and it would be extremely difficult for some Arlington Heights & Belmont residents to get around without the 78. I do believe that there could be a more efficient combination of those routes though.

    I agree with one of the other commenters that eliminating the electric 77 bus to North Cambridge makes total sense. There are plenty of regular 77 buses that run up Mass. Ave. all the way to Arlington. The electric bus is totally redundant!

    And I also want to say that the 62/76 routes are usually packed to the gills during rush hours. These are buses that go to/from Bedford through Lexington and Arlington. Eliminating these lines would significantly increase the numbers of cars on the road or leave some commuters with no means to get to work!

    If the MBTA is trying to save money, they should look at better optimizing the routes and timing of the buses rather than leaving riders totally stranded!!! Please help Sean, and please solicit help from the Lexington & Belmont state reps too as their constituencies would also be adversely affected by the MBTA’s proposed route eliminations.

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