No Wake Enforcement on Lower Mystic Lake

Our office has been hearing a great deal about the lack of enforcement of the “No Wake” policy on Lower Mystic Lake.  Naturally, this “No Wake” policy is in place for a reason and is a matter of public safety.  Enforcement of the policy falls under the jurisdiction of the State Marine Police who have stated they are increasing efforts.  This unit is working with limited resources and also patrols Boston Harbor, the Charles, and Mystic River.  For them to get to Lower Mystic river they must trailer the boats and re-launch them in the lake.  With that being said, they are actively working to show a greater presence on the lake and furthermore, are actively enforcing the “No Wake” policy, as I am to believe they are currently there now.  Last night, State Marine Police wrote three citations on Lower Mystic Lake and have promised to continue strong enforcement efforts. 

Along with this strengthened effort, we have contacted DCR to try for increased signage and awareness.  Increased enforcement and awareness are the initial steps we are taking to try and curb this problem.  If we do not see a change in compliance with this policy we will work to find an alternate solution.  You feedback is greatly appreciated.


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