Representative Garballey receives a score of 103 on his Environmental Scorecard!

The Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters comes out with an “Environmental Scorecard” for each legislative year.  During this past legislative year, one major environmental bill along with two smaller bills were passed and signed into law.  Several anti-environmental amendments were also defeated in the legislature.  Some examples of environmental successes include the passing of the Off-highway Vehicle Regulation (S. 2257), the Oil-Spill Prevention legislation (S. 4247), as well as the Creation of the Food Policy Council (H. 4568).  The MLEV Environmental Scorecard’s voting score is determined by calculating the number of pro-environment votes cast out of the total votes scored.  Legislators could receive extra points for sponsoring or co-sponsoring environmental bills.  Representative Garballey received a score of 103% for his outstanding record on environmental issues and legislation in the Commonwealth.  Representative Garballey is proud of his score and will look forward to working with the environmental community and fellow legislators in the future to advance more environmentally friendly bills into law.


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